As I show up on this blog is how I am.  Unedited, unfiltered, raw, alive, messy, funky, warm, vibrant, humorous, deep, enthusiastic, colorful, quirky, passionate.  As long as all of us are out there peeling our onion skins, life is good!!!!  Peel along with me, friend!!!  I have longed to live outloud, narrating my experience as I go.  My dear friends have taken the brunt of my antics, observations and musings and it’s time to spread it out and give them a break.  It is so fun to write for yourself.  That way you always get to like what you write!!!  Welcome to the collective unfolding of all our lives.  Rumor has it over  and over again that we are all connected so I am going to take advantage of the collective wisdom and support available to me and have a ball here.  You’ll see who I am, and, by the way, come as you are!


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