Textual Simplicity

August 4, 2010

I’ve decided to own the fact that I don’t have a burning desire to be a technological expert. This is a conscious choice in that I know the tools that are available to me to increase my aptitude and awareness in this realm, and, when I need help I can go there. This said, I have also held a belief that our kids might actually survive if they don’t get cell phones, emails and facebooks when they are 9 or 10. OK, so in my home we made it to about 13 for most of these and in short order it became as if the instruments of shame (did I say that?) had been here all along. I’m sure my children’s perspective on this is quite different and that I’ll be hearing about that for decades to come. And never mind that we might even posses the same technology (say a certain iPod model or maybe even cell phone) and within a nano second  they have it up and running and understood. I’m OK with that as well because after all , they can pretend to be smarter than me. OK so they are, but only with these gizmos (for now).
And….(I can start a sentence with “and” in my blogging world), a few unanticipated events have occurred around this new land of technological advance in our home. One, there is some building evidence that after the initial novelty wears off , early teens actually do use the phone to talk on. I’m not kidding. I’ve actually witnessed this in person and my skepticism around their ability to use their God-given voice is, pun intended, muted. Second, I am not taking it for granted that in fact, when I want to contact my kids when they are out of my physical presence (which seems to be somewhat more frequently with advancing age, imagine that!), I can track down their slippery selves!!! (English a little marginal there, sorry).   And they get it that not answering is, well, not an option in this lifetime. This is all good.
My most unexpected experience occurred a few minutes ago which spurned this blog (I find that my blogs are best when they are spurned….I’ve gone beyond the squirm factor to the spurned factor!!!) and that was this: Liam (I am remiss to reference my kids as “my” too often as it could sound detached or possessive) texted me this message: ” Hi mamma!” I replied to him, and he’ll probably squirm that I am sharing this, “Hi, Q.T.” and I proceeded to weep. I did! I teared up, went outside to connect with my higher power in the radiant sun and I sat there weeping with utter joy. I sit here on the receiving end of what could appear to many as a random hello and for me it landed in such a way that I was reminded of the deep love I have for this child. I love him madly. I love that he can use this funny gizmo to say hi to me from out there in his 13-year old world. And even as I run around constantly nagging the kids to connect face-to-face and voice-to-voice first and foremost, I just got a huge dose of how sometimes a well placed text can rock your world and make your day! May you also have a well-placed textual experience sometime soon; you never know how it might land!


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