Claiming The Bigger You

June 9, 2010

I’m super excited to announce that the cat is out of the bag!  Or, the girl is out of her chair and into the world with a new workshop!  A colleague and friend of mine from my recent CTI Leadership training course, Leah Halvorsen and I are set to deliver a workshop in the lovely San Francisco Bay area called “Claiming the Bigger You.”  Several folks have reacted to the title already so I am going to say straight away that the byline really needs to be “The one time when bigger IS better!”  So there you go!  Basically the workshop will be an experience of seeing who you are as reflected in a group of others, being SEEN and visible for that wonderful self that you are, and being encouraged that being seen repeatedly from here on out IS possible, believable and CRITICAL to your life.  So that is the teaser, folks.  If I did my technological duty, you should be able to click onto a link here and find the flyer for the workshop in my “media” area.  I might also go ahead and cheat and insert it here…we’ll see how tough this software is….



America’s Compassion Coach


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