Friends on the Path

March 23, 2010

I am totally fortunate in the area of friends. Not as in a collection of them but in the kinds that have been showing up in my life. Today, for example, I was able to spend time with a friend on Skype which for me is still a cheap thrill–make that a major thrill!!! I’m such a nerd that I touch the screen to see if they are really there! (yes, I do get out, no, not quite enough!!). The part I found myself in gratitude around was that she really sees me for who I am and takes me for all that shows up!! It’s the coolest thing. Like there is NOTHING I CAN’T DO in her eyes. Is that not the coolest thing? If I have an inkling to check something out she has this attitude of complete acceptance that it’s possible. Anything is possible from this friend’s perspective. It’s hard not to start thinking along those lines in her presence. And when I am in her presence, I start believing it a little more too. And we have this thing where we encourage each other to go places that are a little less comfortable than usual and we remind each other that we can take new things on and that, in fact, the whole bag lady thing is really not close to possible for us, not really. And we laugh at our stumblings. We poke fun at our desires to stop doing things that we don’t really like that much in favor of trying some other thing that sounds a lot more aligned with who we are. Acceptance left, right, up, down, happy, sad. It’s wonderful. And we sometimes even throw in some kind of re-check; a sort of accountability to each other if we have uncovered one of those places that needs some nudging or where we are squirming and thinking “oh, no, not there, I can’t go there!” which we know is code for WE SO HAVE TO GO THERE NEXT. And on that note I have some “homework” to do for me. If I do it for my friend it will ruin it all, but I will tell her about it. Do you have a friend like this?


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